Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Almost A Year of Fashion, October 31st Lookout.

So funny to think, almost a year ago i moved to Chicago with big dreams of career and life. I think i have learned so much more than that. Things about my self and my style. So let me break it down for you, today I was asked to describe my style. I said it's like The Golden Girls Meets Marc Jacobs. (Hence my side). I started out in high school being all punk rock. (or trying to be but ended up looking like a fat kid with walmart cheap made bracelets on). My college years i really experimented with fashion. I have always loved fashion. (Although i am a curvy women i think it is vitally important to stay up on whats new). I started off with thrift stores i never got really into them until my senior year of high school, but the more i began to love them the more my style developed from there. Sophomore year of college my style started to change to thrifty chic dresses and designer clutches with a hint of modern mix. I then became obsessed with skinny jeans ( they say "bigger" women aren't supposed to wear skinny jeans, but i feel at necessary to say they are wrong because I've been wearing them since 2006.) I am then became obsessed as i grew outta college (as my style still stayed the same mixing headbands, big bows and vintage dresses now , my thing is since almost two years out of college is the blazer. The blazer is a staple piece for me it allows me to A line my waist and look amazing awesome, The Blazer can just be with anything seriously, its a staple at the company i work for, and as a free-lancing stylist i love the blazer.

When I moved to Chicago, i never thought wearing blazers would become my thing , but i had a lot in my closet due to a donation by awesome friend Connie, and from my old church. I had started shopping at Salvation Army forever ago and I have found the best things at them, vintage bags i would never give up in a heartbeat. I think its been pretty amazing the very first day i moved to Chicago I shopped at salvation army for my Halloween Costume, (it was so last minute i was a "Ghetto-Girl". yeah dont ask me. - But the key was that at the time i was living in Pilsen , and i was going out about every other week and just fell in love with this salvation army, sure its not the cleanest, but the prices are so cheap and serious have found some of the best pieces and vintage items i would never change for anything (especially the vintage Gucci i picked up for 1.00). It's so funny that people ask me all the time How can you find such great stuff at a thrift store : Here are my rules.

Thrifty Socialite's Rules about Shopping at Salvation Army (Or any thrift store).

1. If your paying in Credit/Debit - Make sure they take it (ive made this mistake like 10000x's!
2. Take time To Look- Dont "Whine I cant find anything" You have to have much patience -its important to comb through every section you step in. (thats how i do it. i look carefully).
3. I go in there sometimes thinking i wont find something i like then boom , i find something i love.
4. If they dont have a dressing room (which my favorite doesn't). Try it on and find a mirror (even if people are watching you)
5. look if its stained/torn ( i typically sometimes buy torn things knowing i can get them fixed). - and if its Non Fixable or your not good at sewing (find a friend or just do not purchase)
6. If you think it's real, (at Goodwill if its not behind a counter its not/ sometimes at Salvation Army (depending where it is it could be real my 2nd Gucci Purse i purchased was thrown in a group of bags. I'm very much into telling real from "fake". I made sure to look to see 100% before i purchase (believe i made mistakes before)- if your not sure consult.
7. If there's no price most likely - they wont sell it you, find a manager and ask- (believe me my favorite one in Chicago the manager knows me personally so he knows Ill ask if i dont find a price)
8. Grab it while it's there. This is the hardest one I've learned is to get it while it's still there. I've gone back to thrift stores a day later and things have been gone.
Don't set things down, and go away from them, sometimes people will take your items (some lady did this to me, something i was looking for i walked to the next isle and she took the bag i wanted even though my coat was by it).
9. When buying bras/underwear/intimates - (believe you might be thinking WTH? gross!) Most of the items i have bought were new and un-used. I typically dont buy that kinda stuff there but if i do its *NEW*
10. Have fun, with thrift store shopping, (alot of my friends say its gross) but you can have loads of fun and fine unique-one - of a kind items. (people i see all the time even in fashion shows , and sometimes celebrities say they go vintage and its the best ever!).

thats 10' ways on how to *thrift properly* from my personal tidbits, to style tactics.

i think that this is a pretty good description of how to be amazingly stylish and how i've totally grown from shopping and saving money, plus most thrift stores the money goes to an organization, that does the community good.

i hope you enjoyed reading my 1st official posting, hopefully i will be out & about telling you more about whats been going on and more fun tips and fun tricks and more of my styling.

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